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Study Guides for Dr. Toby Meadows

Critical Reasoning

PHIL1110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Argument Map, Deductive Reasoning, Propositional Calculus

Logic CHAPTER 7 Logic 1 7.1. Validity and Soundness In our last lecture, we completed our introduction to argument mapping. While argument mapping can be very useful, it has some deep limitations. We were able to get a cle...

Dr. Toby Meadows
PHIL1110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ad Hominem, Confirmation Bias, False Dilemma

Arguments Propositions and a conclusion Can be asserted or denied Deductive where the premises force the conclusion to be true Inductive where the likelihood of the conclusion is known (never certain) Kinds of Reasoning Sy...

Dr. Toby Meadows
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