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Summary of Theresa's Evolution Lectures 28-32

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GEOLOGICAL TIME SCALE 580545 myaPRECAMBRIAN Ediacaran fauna softbodied animals preservedEarliest known complex animals metazoanscould be cnidarians 545510 myaCAMBRIAN EXPLOSIONAll major phyla that are triploblastic and coelomate MolluscaAnnelida Arthropoda Chordates Echinodermata appeared within SHORT TIME PERIODWhy was there so much diversity o Triploblastic body plansmore diversity o Homeobox Hox gene presentregulates body plan and renders animal capable of developing adaptationso Continental driftMore shallow seasmore nicheso Oxygen levels reached optimum level at beginning of Cambrian era o More interaction between organismsdrives evolution of adaptations eg Prey vs predator coevolutionPlatyhelminthes triploblastic but lack acoelomate may have appeared in between the PreCambrian and Cambrian eras Many unrecognisable forms also appeared eg HallucigeniaAppearance of compound eyesArthropods o Trilobitesfossil arthropodsVery diverse forms marineExoskeleton segmentation jointed legs one pair of antennae biramous appendagesMass extinction lived until Permian periodEvidenceAbundance of fossilised animals in Burgess Shale in Canadian Rocky MountainsThe region where the fossils lay used to be immersed in water where there was anoxic mud mud lacking oxygen This allowed fossilisation to occurEXTINCTIONMass extinctionextinction eventperiod of sudden major decline in biodiversity
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