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18052008 1238 AM button on this page to savebookmarkhttpwwwperdiscocomelmsqsamhtmlqsamaspxBackground informationWorksheetNavigation mapAdditional informationTo answer this question you may need the following informationOriginal informationQ960Post closing trial balance 00000000001375Specialty Sports Store Practice SetBeing completed by Beanut40025854000800035607000600064353011540 Please review this page carefully because later pages in this practice set may build on the feedback provided here When you are ready click If you want to save this practice set where you are up to and come back to it at a later time click the nearest whole dollarfeedback pageRenegade SportsPostclosing trialbalanceAs at 300608your position and be returned to your home page To reenter the practice set at this page at a later time simply click the link that you originally clicked to access thispractice setcontinueSaving your positionThis is a feedback page101Petty Cash110ARCAccounts Receivable Control120Inventory130Office Supplies140Prepaid Rent141Prepaid Advertising142Prepaid Insurance150Cash registers151Accum Depn Cash registers100Cash at bankAccount NoNameDebitCreditInstructions for postclosing trial balanceCreate a postclosing trial balance as at the end of the monthPlease note that any answers from previous pages carried through onto this page either on the page or in a popupinformation page are the correct answers not your particular answersRemember to enter all answers to the Post closing trial balance Post closing trial balance1 of 4
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