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18052008 1204 AM button on this page to savebookmarkhttpwwwperdiscocomelmsqsamhtmlqsamaspxBackground informationAdjusting entriesNavigation mapAdditional informationTo answer this question you may need the following informationOriginal information for marking purposes For exampledoes not matterSpecialty Sports Store Practice SetBeing completed by Beanut Please review this page carefully because later pages in this practice set may build on the feedback provided here When you are ready click If you want to save this practice set where you are up to and come back to it at a later time click the nearest whole dollarfeedback pageyour position and be returned to your home page To reenter the practice set at this page at a later time simply click the link that you originally clicked to access thispractice setcontinueSaving your positionThis is a feedback pageNot all journals and ledgers will be displayed on every pageOn this page you can access the general journal and all ledgers necessary to answer this question There are several tabs representing different views of the journal and ledgers The active tab by default isShow All but you may also select General Journal to just view the general journal or select General Ledger tojust view the general ledger accounts If you fill in the journal or any ledger accounts and change the view on this page by selecting a different tabthe information that you have entered will remain in that journal or ledger and be displayed whenever you cansee that journal or ledger On this page you will not be able to select the tabs for special journals and the subsidiary ledgers because youdo not need to use them in this questionFor the general journal in the Post ref column you will need to correctly type the account number of theaccount you are posting toGeneral journal entries do NOT require a description of the journal entriesThe general journal may have blank rows left at the end of this questionSome ledger accounts may not require any entries for this questionWhen posting a transaction to a ledger account under the Description column please type the description ofthe transaction directly into the field The exact wording Please note that in the general journal when you select accounts you will select the account using a popuplink You cannot type directly into the fieldSome ledger accounts may have blank rows left at the end of this questionledgers with a balance of zero Although each ledger already has a running balance the Adjusted Balance rowmust still be filled out in order to receive full marksToday is the last day of the month Record adjusting entries in the general journalPost the adjusting entries from the general journal to the relevant ledgersRecord the final adjusted balance of each ledger account in the Adjusted Balance row of each ledger even for123Please note that any answers from previous pages carried through onto this page either on the page or in a popupinformation page are the correct answers not your particular answersRemember to enter all answers to the Instructions for adjusting entriesAdditional instructionsDisplaying selected journals and ledgersGeneral journalLedgersAdjusting entries Adjusting entries1 of 1818052008 1204 AMQ861generalJournalAdjEntrieshttpwwwperdiscocomelmsqsamhtmlqsamaspxOverviewFurther informationThe information in the above links comes from the Overview andFurther information pages at the beginning of the practice set Ifyou did not print them out and you would like to refer to themyou may review them belowGeneral Ledger 0000923331122064851200000000333112206485DRCRSubsidary Ledgers56016156192015154222254122151612000220571225RefPostGeneral JournalselectselectselectselectselectselectselectselectselectselectselectselectSpecial JournalsDepn Expense Store fixturesAccum Depn Store fixturesDepn Expense Cash registersAccum Depn Cash registersWater ExpenseWater PayableElectricity ExpenseElectricity PayableWages ExpenseWages PayableInterest ExpenseInterest Payableit does not matter in an electricity transaction if you type Paid for electricity or Paid electricity billFor each ledger under the Ref column you need to select the correct journal from a list in the dropdown boxprovided in order to receive full marksIf the balance of a ledger account is zero you do not need to select a debit or credit from the dropdown boxDateAccount and ExplanationJun30Jun30Jun30Jun30Jun30Jun30 GENERAL JOURNALShow AllAdjusting entries2 of 18
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