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LAWS6023 Study Guide - Final Guide: Character Theory, English Criminal Law, Homicide Act 1957

FIRST A3 (1) WHY DOES FISH DISAGREE WITH TEXTUALISM? Introduction The dominant modern form of foundationalism is positivism, and in turn textualism is the guise in which formalism appears most powerfully tod...

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LAWS6023 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jacques Derrida, Legal Fiction, Deductive Reasoning

Antigone Play Aristotle - Four elements of tragedy: o Protagonist: According to the framework, this is Creon o Reversal: Creon chooses to entomb Antigone, as opposed to killin...

All Professors
LAWS6023 Study Guide - Final Guide: Parliamentary Sovereignty, Australian Administrative Law, Jurisdictional Error

Jurisdictional error Why does jurisdictional error matter? Important ONLY in Constitutional/common law judicial review. So at common law where a prerogative writ is sought (eg in a State Supreme Court) or...

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