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Study Guides for Margaret Bond

Law of Contract B

LLB170 Study Guide - Final Guide: Quantum Meruit, Contributory Negligence, Expectation Damages

LAW REMEDY Is it a term of the contract? Can the term be implied? (Gap filling) Has the contract been frustrated? Provides an excuse for a partys failure to perform Can be used as a defence against a claim by the other par...

Margaret Bond
LLB170 Study Guide - Final Guide: Parol Evidence Rule, Admissible Evidence, Oral Contract

TERMS IDENTIFY Express terms may be: Incorporated into contract by Signature UNLESS: There is a vitiating factor (Toll v Alphapharm) UNLESS terms are misrepre...

Margaret Bond
LLB170 Final: CONTRACTS NOTES - complete overview

Law of Contract B 1 2 3 Identifying the Express Terms: w hat have the parties by their words (written/oral) promised one another as part of their contract? Explicit ...

Margaret Bond
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