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Prof Blake Mc Kimmie

PSYC1030 Clinical PsychologyMental Health a state of emotional and social wellbeing in which individuals realize their own abilities can cope with the normal stressors of life can work productively and contribute to their community AIHW 2007Mental disorder the existence of a clinically recognizable set of symptoms and behaviours that cause distress to the individual and impair hisher ability to function normally WHO 2001Clinical Psychology evidencebased therapies that have been clinically trialed and shown to be effective History of clinical psychology Rosenhans experiment led to a push for deinstitutionalisationDanger of labeling someoneself fulfilling prophecy more likely to behave soCan provide clarity and ease of treatment Now need several criteria to diagnose mental disorder Diagnosis of mental disorders Multiaxial system of DSMIV Axis I clinical syndromesdepressive disorders bipolar disorders opiate dependenceAxis II chronic problems personality disorders and developmental disordersADD ADHD Axis III medical conditionsChronic pain Axis IV environmental stressorsUnemployment family tension Axis V Global Assessment of Functioning on 100 scaleMood disorders Depression Criteria for Depression Symptoms must present for at least two weeks in a persistent fashionfive symptoms are neededMust display either persistent sad mood or loss of interest or pleasure anhedoniaIncrease or decrease in appetite or weightIncrease or decrease in sleepPsychomotor agitation or retardationFatigueThoughts of worthlessness or inappropriate guiltDifficulty concentrating or indecisivenessRecurrent suicidal thoughts Must also confirm symptoms are not the result of a drug or medical condition or not better accounted for by another disorder or transient condition Medical causesExacerbations of Depression Axis IIINeurological illness o Parkinsons disease o Epilepsy o Sleep apneaSystemic conditions o Viral or bacterial infections o AIDS o Chronic painEndocrine disorders o Thyroid disorders o Postpartum effects ie postnatal depressionVitamin deficiencies o Vitamin B12Folatehelp to produce serotoninOther conditionso Cancer or kidney diseaseBereavement Greater emotional upset caused byOut of sequence losses ie parent burying childDeath due to suicideAbout 40 of bereaved are fearful that they are going crazyAbnormal or complicated bereavementthoughts of death apart from survivor guiltfeelings of worthlessness or guilthallucinatory experiences apart from seeing or hearing the deceasedprolonged functional impairment ie inability to go to work for monthsCriteria for dysthymic disorder Depressed mood most of the time for two yearsTwo or more symptomspoor appetite or overeatinginsomnia or hypersomnialow energy or fatiguelow self esteempoor concentrationfeelings of hopelessnessBipolar disorder Characterised by alternating periods of depression and maniaSymptoms of manic episodeeuphoric elevated moodinflated self esteem grandiositypressure of speechflight of ideasdistractibility increase in goal directed activitieshedonistic behavior Bipolar I major depression and mania Bipolar II major depression and hypomania Cyclothymia hypomania and mild depressionAnxiety disorders Phobic disorder fear out of proportion to any actual dangerSpecific phobias experienced by 10 of population with twice as many women as menusual ie spiders and unusual ie buttons Agoraphobia fear of being in places or situations from which escape may be difficult
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