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Study Guides for Dr. Murray

From Molecules to Ecosystems

BIOL1007 Final: biol1997 module 2

Module 2: Energy systems cells Monday, 21 August 2017 11:31 PM 1. Function of nucleus: To store genetic information 2. White blood cells engulf microorganisms and digest them within cell Phagocytosis 3. A red blood cell p...

Dr. Murray
BIOL1007 Final: BIOL1007 - Exam notes

find more resources at BIOL1007 Module 1: Information Transfer LO1: Explore the properties of living organisms. LO2: Appreciate the common origins and makeup of the molecules of life Molecules of l...

Dr. Murray
BIOL1007 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate, Great Oxygenation Event, Electron Transport Chain

Main points for Module 2 Biol1997 Energy systems and cells The Great oxidation event 2.5 billion years ago Bacteria produced free oxygen in atmosphere (green bacteria, has chlor...

Dr. Murray
BIOL1007 Study Guide - Final Guide: Catenation, Atomic Radius, Biopolymer

Main points for Module 1 Biol1997 Information transfer Biopolymer: a polymeric substance occurring in living organisms (e.g. protein, cellulose or DNA) Synthesis anabolic (buildassemble) occurs in one direction Why is life...

Dr. Murray
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