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Study Guides for bill pritchard

Earth, Environment and Society

GEOS1001 Final: Comprehensive Practical Review

Practical 2 1. From the hypsometry histogram, what approximate elevations represent the two modes (peaks) of earths elevation? a. 0 and -4000m 2. From the hypsographic curve, what is the portion of the planets surface cove...

bill pritchard
GEOS1001 Final: In Depth Explanations for Lecture Review Questions

322 Earths Deep Time and First Principles of Geology 1. Age of earth = 4.5 billion years 2. Age of universe = 13.7 billion years Trenches are formed by subduction, a geophysical process in which two or more of earths tecto...

bill pritchard
GEOS1001 Final: Review Questions

38 Our Dynamic Planet 6. Social ecological resilience (3) complex interdependencies, 1. Magnetic field from? rapid development, capacity for innovation 2. When have oxygen? Because of what? 7. Threshold also known as? (3) ...

bill pritchard
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