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Study Guides for LAWS1012 at University of Sydney


LAWS1012 Study Guide - Final Guide: Exxon, Coles Group, Myer

Torts Final Notes: LAWS1012 Battery 1. Collins v Wilcock: Any touching of a person, however slight, may amount to a battery 2. Direct? o Scott v Shepherd firecracker o Hutchins v Maughan sheepdoggies 3....

Penelope Crossley
LPAB – Torts Notes

TORTS INTRODUCTION (A) WHAT IS A TORT? A civil wrong that is based on a breach of a duty imposed by law which gives rise to a civil (personal) right of action for a remedy not exclusive to another area of law. Standard of ...

All Professors
Torts Course Summary

Trespass to the PersonBatteryDenition: Defendant applies direct force to the plaintiffs body without consent or other lawful justication.Fundamental principles:-Every persons body is inviolate: Collins v Wilcock [1984] per...

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