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31268 Study Guide - Final Guide: Command-Line Interface, System Administrator, Bell Labs

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Information Technology
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Chris Wong
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Web Systems Summary 1
Video 01:
What is an operating system (OS)? What does an OS do?
A software interface that supports basic computer functions.
E.g. Windows, Mac, Linux.
Operating systems:
o Manage hardware, software, and parts in between
o Maages files ad here the’re stored
o Runs programs
o Acts as an interface between user and hardware
o Provides services to programs and users
o Protects users and programs from each other
What is a kernel and what does it do?
The kernel is a part of the operating system that controls hardware directly, provides
resources and manages access to those resources.
What are the main differences between the CLI and GUI, and what are their advantages?
CLI = Command Line Interface (Text Only)
o Provides greater flexibility, essential for system administration
GUI = Graphic User Interface (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointers)
o Graphics are more inviting and user friendly
Video 02 - Unix:
Why does UNIX have so many variations? What has this resulted in?
Unix was developed in 1969 by Bell Labs, who shared its source code to other
developers, creating a chain of multiple variations.
Over time this eventually developed into the Linux OS used today.
What are the main characteristics of UNIX that has led to its survival?
Ui ideas are’t oed  aoe
Unix is based on simple concepts e.g. files, permissions, users
Ui is portale → deeloped i C soure ode ad a e reopiled
Some versions of Unix are available for free
Unix is fast and, efficient, stable and relatively secure (rarely crashes, less viruses)
Ui uses a set of tools approah ith siple oads
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