Introduction to Tourism

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BHO 1190
Martin Fluker

FinalsExam format Part A 15 marks 1 compulsory question Part B 5 marks each out of 4 choose 2 onlyPart C 25 marks 50 MCQ questions with 5 possible answersBreakPart A importexport issues through a scenarioPart B 4 questions question 1 chapter 2 has model in 2nd lecture tdr trr tgr question 2 chapter 1 or 3 general tourism question 3 chapter 8 maybe marketing characteristics of services compared to products question 4 chapter 11 how many people can u get within a given environment before the quality of experience have been eroded beyond except able limits Part C MCQ 4 chapters out of 6 Chapters in text book for2 3 5 7 10 11 1Chapter 2 The Tourism System and Theory of Markets and Destinations pg 36Models theoretical system of relationships trying to capture the essential elements of real world situationsModels are used to demonstrate conceptual framework active role in forecasting future trends Systems combination of things forming a complex wholeElements different systems in the body working together for a person to functionTourism System Modelconsists of 3 different elements of the tourism system including geographic while other 2 elements are human and found in all the regions in tot al has 5 elements1 Traveller generating region TGR where tourists come from 2 Transit route region TRR where tourist need to past to reach intended destination and return home 3 Tourist destination region TDR where tourist intends to travel 4 At least 1 tourist or else tourism cant exist 25 Travel and tourism industry enabling transition of tourist from TGR to and from TDR via TRR and to provide them with GS throughout A change in one area can create a ripple effect throughout the rest of the systemIf cost is cheaper TGR would increaseUsing the modelIntuitive appealGeneral analysis and discussionAllows interdisciplinary functionsValuable business toolTypes of Explanation perspective Assuming TDR is Aussie and TGRs are 5 major suppliers ofTDR place visited by overseas students at a specified time Most of the marketing tourists efforts will be done in TGR where students are from Australians want to travel somewhere 3 reason why places generate travelers for tourism 1 geographically people travel from A to B 2 economically economic resource tourists use TGR where tourists consume or spend during the trip generated in the economy of come from TGR as exported earnings for Aussie and 3 psychologically place generate travels when its environment shape the needs and motivation to travel TRR tourist must Influenced by TDR and TGR airline service signage terminals pass to reach tourist Factors including distance frequency capacity of transport destination region and service cost travel time stopovers and attractions along the return home way For system to work biz activity must take place in at least TGR and TDR tourist spend money there and at the destination Travel and Tourism Tourist buy a package from travel agent TGR stop over at TRR and spend most of the money in TDRPromotionTourist and potential tourist present certain demographic and psychographic characteristics which are important to marketers assessments of their needs and motivation preferences to hotels transports routes and influences by weather newsPromotion of the destination has 2 parts 1 Attempts to directly influence consumers favorably 3
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