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IMED1001 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bone, Periosteum, EndosteumPremium

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Integrated Medical Sciences
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IMED1001 Final Tutorial Week 5
-Almost parallel collagen bundles!
-Regular dense CT!
-Connect muscle to bone!
-Transmit forces!
-connect bones!
-For stability for joints between bones!
-Connects other structures!
-Fibres may not be exactly parallel, fairly regular!
Adipose CT:
-Modified LCT!
-Cells called adipocytes accumulate fats!
-Groups of such fat-laden cells form lobules !
-Adipocytes are separated by fibrous tissue partitions!
-Adipocyte formation: coalescing fatty droplets!
-When tissue is processed for H&E, fat is dissolved, cells appear empty!
Overview of CT:
-Matrix consists of fibres + ground substance!
-Cells produce matrix!
-Principal cells = fibroblast and chondroblast!
-Fibrous tissue: have dierent degrees of stretch resistance!
Structural Characteristics:
-1. Lamellar structure means:!
-layer of collagen!
-Parallel fibres in a layer!
-Dierent directions in adjacent layer!
-2. Many lamellae !
-= resistance in dierent planes!
-3. Lamellae with osteocytes in lacunae!
Transverse Section of Long Bone:
-Long bone has shaft !
-Outer shell (compact/cortical bone)!
-Interlacing plates = trabeculae = make up bone!
-Central medullary canal is where bone marrow is (fatty/red)!
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