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IMED1001 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Desmosome, Mucus, MicrovillusPremium

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Integrated Medical Sciences
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Important Notes - Epithelium:
-Tubular structure will be seen as circle because in histology we look at it as SECTIONS
-Compactly arrange cells
-= little or no gaps between cells
-Cells are connected by special microscopic arrangements called junctions
-Strong to make sure doesn't knock over
-Control what passes through
-Epithelium is a compact sheet with cells join together
-no space for blood vessels or capillaries
-Some cells of epithelium rest on a basement membrane
-BM is partly produced by epithelial cells and connective tissues (non cellular)
-Just a layer of bio macromolecules!!
About Junctions:
-If cells are small, junctions between them are largely specialised protein molecules
Adhering Junctions:
-Have strong bonds but eventually cells will be lost from an epithelium
Occluding Junctions:
-Seal off
-Control what passes through
Both adhering and occluding junctions have various sizes and shapes
Gap/Communicating Junctions:
= allows communication!
2 cell membranes meet = “junction”
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