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IMED2003 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Participant Observation, Combined Oral Contraceptive PillPremium

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Integrated Medical Sciences
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Kellie Bennett
Study Guide

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IMED2003: Revision 7 Notes
Qualitative Studies:
Group of designs which focus on patient-oriented outcomes
Why do people.....
What are the reasons for....
How do people feel about.....
Focus groups
Participant observation
Involve explicit sampling strategies and systematic data analysis
Portray the voice of the participant, usually absent from qualitative studies,
and therefore provides complementary information!
Value of such subjective research?
There is value in understanding personal experience and how it impacts
the patient and practitioner experience
These methods can bridge the gap between scientific evidence and
clinical practice and provide additional improvements to patient
Disparities between how doctors and patients view medical conditions
Issues with patient compliance/adherence with medication
Case Study or Case-Series Study
What is it?
A study describing a patient or small group of patients affected by a
specific disease, or exposed to a factor (eg. an intervention)
Such studies do not provide definitive evidence (in general)
Often “hypothesis-generating
which will then require the design of a higher-level study to address
Good descriptive research should provide information describing?
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