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IMED2003 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Health Informatics, Identifiability, De-IdentificationPremium

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Integrated Medical Sciences
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Kellie Bennett
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IMED2003: Revision 17 Notes
Data in Research and Health System:
Health informatics ethics is a sub-set of medical ethics
all issues that apply to medical ethics in general, also apply to health
informatics ethics.
Sharing data:
(e.g. for diagnosis, further research, storage, or data transmission), then
the informatics professional must be sure that all the above principles are
also being followed.
Wider responsibility:
informatics professionals/researchers have ethical responsibilities
regarding protecting data
Implicit in all these are:
The principles of beneficence and non-maleficence and non-transferability
of the responsibility and accountability
Data Banks and Data Identifiability (Australia)
Data may be collected, stored or disclosed in three mutually exclusive forms:
Individually identifiable data
Where the identity of a specific individual can reasonably be
Examples of identifiers include:
Individuals name
date of birth
Re-identifiable data (anonymized)
From which identifiers have been removed and replaced by a code,
But it remains possible to re-identify a specific individual by:
For example:
using the code
linking different data sets.
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