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IMED2003 Midterm: Revision 18 NotesPremium

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Integrated Medical Sciences
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Kellie Bennett
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IMED2003: Revision 18 Notes
Data Usage Requirements:
Researchers’ use of data
Research involving linkage of data sets
Duties of the custodian
Guidelines regarding research using re-identifiable
Independent oversight of data collections
Restricted access to data potentially detrimental to participants
Security and data storage
Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) - Updated
May 2015:
The National Statement guidelines made in accordance with the National Health
and Medical Research Council Act 1992.
It is intended for use by:
Any researcher conducting research with human participants
Any member of an ethical review body reviewing that research
Those involved in research governance
Potential research participants.
Developed jointly by the NHMRC, the ARC and Universities Australia
Compliance with the National Statement is a prerequisite for receipt of NHMRC
Use of AI in Medicine:
Improve diagnostics
Help doctors make better decisions
Primary aim of health-related AI applications:
Is to analyze relationships between prevention or treatment techniques
and patient outcomes.
Evaluate insurance/medical benefit claims
Assess medication and usage
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