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MUSI 1033 Quiz: SoftKeyZ_log

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MUSI 1033
Shorley Ken

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1056:onCreate has been called! 1056:Command: mount o remount,rw system Output: 1056:Command: mount o remount,rw system Output: 1056:Starting the compatibility tests. The test files will be deleted! 1056:Command: touch systemtest.file Output: 1056:Command: cp systemtest.file sdcardSoftKeyZtest.file Output: 1056:Command: cp sdcardSoftKeyZtest.file systemtest.file2 Output: 1056:Result of cp test:true 1056:Entpacken! 1056:Binaries could not be found. 1056:Command: cat sdcardSoftKeyZzip > systembinzip Output: 1056:Command: cat sdcardSoftKeyZzipalign > systembinzipalign Output: 1056:Command: cp f sdcardSoftKeyZzip systembin Output: 1056:Command: cp f sdcardSoftKeyZzipalign systembin Output: 1056:Command: chmod 0755 systembinzip Output: 1056:Command: chmod 0755 systembinzipalign Output: 1056:Starting collection extraction 1056:UI path used: systemprivappSystemUISystemUI.apk 1056:CODE: 3333 1056:SoftKeyZ drawable detector: 1057:Command: cp f systemprivappSystemUISystemUI.apk sdcardSoftKeyZbackup.apk Output: 1057:Command: mount o remount,rw system Output: 1057:Command: mount o remount,rw data Output: 1057:Command: cat systemprivappSystemUISystemUI.apk > dataSystemUI.apk Output: 1057:Command path: storageemulated0SoftKeyZSystemUI 1057:Ok, SystemUI exists. (not appllied yet) 1057:MassCommand: cd sdcardSoftKeyZSystemUI 1057:MassCommand: zip qrf0 dataSystemUI.apk * 112:onCreate has been called! 112:Command: mount o remount,rw system Output: 112:Command: mount o remount,rw system Output: 112:Starting the compatibility tests. The test files will be deleted! 112:Command: touch systemtest.file Output: 112:Command: cp systemtest.file sdcardSoftKeyZtest.file Output: 112:Command: cp sdcardSoftKeyZtest.file systemtest.file2 Output: 112:Result of cp test:true 112:CODE: 3333 112:UI path used: systemprivappSystemUISystemUI.apk 112:SoftKeyZ drawable detector: 112:Resetting SoftKeyZ 112:Command: rm r sdcardSoftKeyZ Output: 112:Command: rm dataSystemUI.apk
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