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Biological Sciences
BISC 102
Tom Haffie

Lecture 11 – Inheritance of Variation – Outcomes Way in which inheritance of polygenic traits show that inheritance is not "blended"  Sex chromosomes = X chromosomes, they carry DNA polymerase, can you see green white and green (etc.)  People thought that inheritance is blending because most of the time it look that way o Like they thought if a good cow milk producer mated with a cow that wasn’t a good milk producer than their offspring would have “kind of good milk producing abilities”. Similar with crossing a white flower with a red one, “blending” would look pink. That’s what they thought but it is obviously wrong and Mendel proved that.  Mendel’s revolutionary idea is that inheritance is particulate o It’s not “blending” o Characterisitics of Mendel's work that set him apart as a genetic researcher - Polygenic traits shown continuous variation in a population  He was able to figure this out, figure out the particulateness by doing close
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