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Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies
Mc Laren

Imagine you’re from Mars 1. Signs Top part of circle = signifier (tree)(click) Signifier refers to the signified Image, word, idea = sign Handle on the idea Handle -Name Luggage is the idea, handle is the name 2. Denotative Signs Exactly what they say they mean Ex. Traffic signs - red means no - green means yes - yellow means maybe (negotiation) or watch out - X means no/don’t do this Regulatory signs – give a direction that must be obeyed 3. Connotative Signs Ex. Political signs (how we dress, ribbon bumper stickers) Who they are vs. what they know Ex. Knowing that pink triangle means being a homosexual vs. being a homosexual People will think of you differently Making a sign mean something else – Persistently pushing it to mean something different to other people How much do you really n
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