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BIOL 2P98 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Light-Independent Reactions, Retrovirus, Microbiology

Biological Sciences
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Mac Neil Lori
Study Guide

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Microbiology Lecture
Review for test
1. Which group of microorganisms would be LEAST likely to use the Calvin
A. Glucose-catabolizing bacteria
- Takes the CO2 from the environment
2. A naked virus:
A. Consists of nucleic
3. When a substance is reduced it gains electrons
A. True
4. A bacterium that has a phage genome inserted into its chromosome is
called a:
A. Lysogen
5. A ___ infection is one which the virus remains dormant without
replicating or a period of time
A. Latent
6. In the laboratory, bacteria that not naturally competent are induced to
become competent by incubation with a virus
A. False (chilling)
7. HIV is a retrovirus that infects cells that have CD4 and CCR5 receptors,
which of the following statements about HIV is false?
A. An HIV virion carries the enzyme RNA replicase
- Reverse transcriptase
8. Whether bacteriophage lambda enters a lysogenic or lytic cycle
depends on a race between the production of two proteins cl and
A. Cro
9. Some bioluminescent bacteria only produce light when the cell density
is su;ciently high that the light would be visible this is an example of
A. Quorum sensing
10. In primitive cells, energy generating reactions are believed to
have used H2 which is a powerful ___ and could have been used to
form ____
A. Proton
11. The promotors of positively controlled operons require activator
proteins because:
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