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Study Guides for Child and Youth Studies at Brock University

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CHYS 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Depth Perception, Heredity, Ableism

CHYS 1F90 Terms Definitions (Term 1, Fall) CHYS 1F90 Terms Terms Definitions The genetic makeup and sequencing of an organism. The genetic characteristics you carry, but do not necessarily express, Genotype (internally co...

Child and Youth Studies
Dawn Zinga
CHYS 3P95 Midterm: CHYS 3P95 Midterm 2 Review

CHYS 3P95 Midterm 2 Review FAMILY AcheYanomano They are a mix of huntergatherer, agricultural who live in groups of 2040. They are usually less monogamous which means that they do not have a leader whoever if you do kill...

Child and Youth Studies
Tony Volk

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