CHYS 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Attachment Theory, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Sertraline

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Socialization: children acquire social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary to function in a community. Social cruelty: the in crowd (movie), children average 5 friends, support for friendless children, middle school where most bullying happens, anti-bullying programs, reward and punishment system. The self: combination of unique physical & psychological attributes. Self esteem: evaluation of worth, looking glass self i. e. a cat sees lion in mirror, parenting and social groups some influences on self esteem, educators should develop self esteem. Attachment theory: close emotional relationship b/w 2 people, mutual affection, reciprocal relationships- desire to maintain proximity- parents= first proximal relationship. Bowlby"s attachment theory (freudian): infant attachment to caregivers (6-30 months) set foundation for personality dev. , interruptions may cause problems later, proximal vs. distal attachments (close vs. distant). Attachment: secure= most children, empathetic & consistent parents, comfortable separation, understand consequences, as adults have high self esteem & form healthy relationships; Insecure= few children, inconsistency & neglect, poor adult relationships.