CHYS 1F90 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sandra Scarr, Prenatal Development, Peer Pressure

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Developmental and exceptionalities as lenses for understanding children and youth. Series of questions related to development and exceptionalities. We start with genetics and prenatal development. Families, caregiving and other contexts for children and youth. Consider how we conceptualize children and youth. Challenges children and youth face and how society responds to them. Readings from this week address this question in different ways. What makes us who we are- experience, what happened in utero, etc. Scarr and mccartney focuses on genetics- one of the foundations, very particular ideas, different set of genetics and experiences, genetics and expressions. What is genetics? our genotype is the internally coded inheritable information. Human genome: blueprint that makes us recognizable as humans, complete set of genetics information. Genetic predisposition: an increased likelihood of developing a particular disease based on person(cid:495)s genetic makeup. People often think of it as how we express our genetic inheritance but that is really our .

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