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CHYS 2P15 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: End Time

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga
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Critical Learning Incident Observation (CLIO)
Date: November 2nd, 2015 Start Time: 3pm End time: 5pm # Hours: 2
Location: Community Centre
Context: Participating as a team member assisting with the school aged club
Age/Grade Level: 4-12 (K-7)
Descriptive Observations:
Arrived before the kids arrived
Kids arrived and immediately started playing. Older children asked immediately what our
activity and snack was for today.
Younger kids wanted to play with the older kids
When told to clean up, it was time for snack, the older kids quickly cleaned up and rushed
over to wash their hands where as the younger kids said they wanted to continue playing.
Boys especially did not want to stop playing, and one child became frustrated with me asking
him to clean up his toys to come eat snack with everyone. He told me he wanted to go home.
Once the main leader of the group told him to come over for snack, he listened.
Kids seem to respond better to the main leader of the group than me and the other volunteer.
During snack younger kids were hesitant to try a new snack - pumpkin seeds. They needed
encouragement to try something new where as the older kids tried it right away.
After snack we did our activity - foot and hand prints on magnetic paper for them to make
magnets for their parents.
Children were excited and did not want to wait to start. Children immediately began painting
their hands and pressing them onto the paper.
One child, age of 4, did not understand instructions and instead of waiting for his turn, he
painted his boot himself and made a print on the paper instead of waiting for the leader to help
him. When we told him that he was not supposed to paint his shoe he got very upset. He
started bouncing in his chair, getting antsy waiting for his turn for a foot print.
Saw that If you turn your back on a child and look at another child for the shortest amount of
time, they can get into a lot of trouble. One child started making more handprints than he was
instructed to, warranting that he could not make a footprint or he had to use another piece of
Since this placement I have been thinking about the little boy who wouldn't listen to me, but
would listen to the main leader of the group. It made me think about how the children see me;
do they see me as an authority figure or do they see me as just someone who helps out and
they don't have to listen to me?
What could I do to make them see me more as an authority figure?
It is hard to find a balance between being super strict that they do not like me at all, and being
so laid back that they like me, but do not listen to me.
I was thinking about the child who painted his boot - what in the instructions that I gave made
him think that that was how we were going to do the craft? How could I have made it more
clear for him to understand?
Why did I choose this experience as one of my critical learning incidents?
I chose this particular experience as my first critical learning incidents because it was the first
time that I ever noticed how hard it is to work with children and make sure they're safe and
having fun. The children were being more rambunctious than normal and I wanted to take a
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