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Office hours: wednesdays @ 9-10am, cairns, 3rd floor, chys department. First half of term: based on lectures 1 - 6. Seminars begin the week of september 21st. You must attend the seminar in which you are registered. Tas will walk you through seminar requirements. A (90-100: reserved for students where work is of outstanding quality that provides evidence of rare talent . A (80-88: awarded for excellent, accurate work in which evidence of a certain flair for the subject is clearly perceptible. Indicates competent work that shows a sound grasp of the course goals. C (60-68: represents work of adequate quality which may suffer from incompleteness or inaccuracy. D (50-58: given where the minimum requirements of a course are barely met. F (45 or lower: means that the minimum requirements have not been met. A: 10% of the population of children and youth. Demonology any disorder was blamed to be this the study of demons or of demonic belief.

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