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CHYS 2P38 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Construction Of Gender

Child and Youth Studies
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Thomas O' Neill
Study Guide

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CHYS 2P38: Children. Youth and Society
Mid-term take home essay
Instructions: Please answer only one of the two following questions. Each question should be
answered in essay format in a clearly labeled section of no more than 1000 words, double spaced
(about three to four pages). Start each answer on a new page. Your completed answers must be
submitted as an attachment to the drop box on the sakai site on or before midnight Tuesday,
February 16 . GOOD LUCK!
1) What is meant by gender performativity? Using at least two examples drawn from the course,
illustrate how it differs from other theories of gender identity formation. In your view, which of
these theories is the most compelling? (15 marks)
2) According to Jo Boyden,“(s)ocial policy can be an extremely blunt instrument and its
application in the consolidation of a universal standard for children can have the effect of
penalising, or even criminalising, the childhoods of the poor, often for the simple reason that
poor families are unable to reach this standard.” Using at least two example drown from the
course, evaluate Boyden’s argument in regards to children’s rights. In your view, are these
policies appropriate for children in the global south? (15 marks)
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