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Emotions are not long durations that"s considered a mood. Function of an emotion = behavioral components/physiological components. When people have too much of an emotional expression or too little, can be debilitating. Cognitive revolution in the 1960s, computers began to think independently. We develop emotions from social surroundings & that are innate. Popular belief: most emotions (especially negative ones) are useless, undesirable & not controllable, practically no-one wants to become anxious or depressed. Emotions often disrupt our current activities & behavior. Emotions are the basis of mental health problems. Needed for survival in fight & flight response. Research is showing that when you are depressed, you don"t care. Emotional intelligence allows others to control emotions & read the emotions of others. Impulse control is the ability to delay what you want/going to get. Children used multiple different tactics to distract themselves from eating the marshmallow. Emotions are the drivers of human relationships .