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Steps in hypothesis testing: develop null & alternative hypothesis, set alpha, calculate power to determine sample size, collect data, collect statistic and p-value, accept or reject the null. Sampling distribution is a frequency distribution of a sample statistic. Distribution of sample means is usually referred to as the sampling distribution of means, or the sampling distribution of the mean. All hypotheses test are comprised of 2 mutually exclusive hypothesis. Null: both means come from the same population: any difference between the means is due to chance. Null: control = experimental: this is the hypothesis that you are able to test, if the null hypothesis is probably not true, what must we conclude. Control experimental: directional hypothesis (1 tailed) Experimental > control cant test this hypothesis directly, but can find support by rejecting the null hypothesis. We cannot just look at means and determine if they differ remember random error statistical fluctuations in the measured data random error is always present.

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