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Problems & achievements at an societal level & individual level are firmly rooted in behavior: societal terrorism, poverty, etc. Scenarios (desire to change: withdrawn behavior (not wanting to engage with others, being nervous before a presentation, campground littering, irrational thinking (covert behavior; hidden thoughts; lack of self- confidence, staff management, etc. Synonyms: activity, action, performance, responding, response, reaction. Behavior is anything a person says or does. Behavior is any muscular, glandular or electrical activity of an organism. Colour of someone"s eyes = not a behavior. Getting an a in this course = result of an behavior. Overt behavior - visible behaviors are those that can be observed & recorded. Covert behavior - private internal activities that cannot be readily observed by others. He"s crazy: concerned; worried; withdrawn from getting involved with the individual; hesitant. She is very intelligent: label; how intelligent & in what area. Can you help him: scared; don"t want to do it alone.