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Every 3 weeks, a term exam (20 marks) is presented (3 = 60 marks) 8 applied exercises x 1 = 8 marks. Group applied/perspective paper = 32 marks bh. The all of none view : rainman. Depicts an adult with asd and the special abilities they have obtained. Doctor tells him he will remain socially awkward" forever. The disorder: within & across, within. Level 1-3: across the spectrum, mainly looking at core levels of support that the individual needs across all the domains. Characteristics: qualitative (individual does a thing in an atypical manner, quantitaive. Video 1 5 years old; ibi therapy (matching) Follows instruction, minor issue with taking away piano. Chys 3p60 lecture #1 thursday, september 8th, 2016. Has to play with the object for a brief moment before placing into designated bin. Praises given for the smallest of tasks. Video 2 4 years old; see autism in conversation.