COMM 2P65 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ethnography, Enculturation, Dual Inheritance Theory

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Published on 9 Apr 2017
Brock University
Communication Studies
Exam Review
What to expect?
multiple choice and short answer
questions from midterm
Keyton Ch. 3-4
Driskill & Brenton, Part IV Intro & Ch. 9-14
Klimowicz, S. Ch. 13 Contemporary Issues
Lecture-David Pink video
Exam Logic: COMM 2P65 Aim
To introduce students to the competing debates, concepts, theories and methods used
to understand organizational culture
The goal is to equip students with the means to begin to understand and evaluate issues
pertaining to organizational culture studies
Coverage of material
Significance for the field
Issue that go against perceived wisdom*
Contemporary or enduring issues
Norms, artifacts, assumptions
Leaders-different types
Lenses: symbolic performance, power politics, etc. (chapter 3)
Autonomy, mastery, purpose
Motivation vs rewards
Work life balance
Cultural change, maintenance, cultural drift, cultural leadership
On the Exam
Elton mayo-Hawthorne experiment (discovers that workers will produce more if they
are being watched-produced results they did not know)
What type of method is used to gather information-observation, ethnography,
metaphors people’s interation not studied y sientifi ways
Interpretive study: critical & naturalistic
Why do scholars use lenses?-more in-depth views of organization (communication)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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