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Midterm Review

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Brock University
Earth Sciences
Marilyne Jollineau

ERSC2P07 Midterm ReviewMaps scales can be used to determine map size Small scales show large maps and small maps represent a more specific are thus a larger scale of the subject viewedRoger Tomlinson 1960s Father of GISThe difference between the two Direct Object Views Vectors and Rasters o Direct Object View Conceptualization of the world where all items can be represented by objects with specific locations o Vectors Points lines polygones o Rasters values are assigned to specific gridcells Precision very DETAILED about measurementslocationAccuracy a high level of CORRECTNESSCHAPTER 1 QUIZ ANSWERSGeospatial data is locationbased dataGoogle Earth was originally Earth ViewerGoogle Earth was originally released in 2005Google Earth presents a 3D representation of Earth The images provided by remote sensing tend to be snapshots of a particular place at a particular time Geospatial data and nonspatial data can be linked in useful ways Urban planners typically deal with issues related to waste water green space traffic roads and zoning Acquiring realtime location information from a series of satellites in Earths orbit is the goal of GPSThe US Department of Labor believes that geospatial technology is an enormous growth area that is likely to generate many new jobs Boundaries of housing parcels in a subdivision the distribution of salary ranges in a particular county and the exact address of a house in Biloxi Mississippi areall forms of geospatial dataThe study of geography is best described as the study ofwhy things are where they are The images pulled from Google Earth are NOT continuousie NOT composed of streaming live data that is constantly updatedCHAPTER 2 QUIZ ANSWERSGeospatial technology links geospatial data to nonspatial data For geospatial technology to work every location on Earth must be identified and measuredA reference surface or model of Earth used for plotting locations across the globe is called a datumEarth is NOT perfectly roundGeodesy is the science of measuring EarthssurfaceCommonly used datum are WGS84 NAD27 and NAD83WGS84 is a commonly used datum by the Global Positioning SystemMANY datum are used for measurements of Earths locations Measurements made from one datum are unlikely to precisely match the measurements made from another datum Lines of latitude run in an northtosouth direction around the globeThe key reference point for lines of latitude is the Greenwich Mean Longitudes are meridiansLatitudes are parallels and run in an easttowest direction around the globeThe key reference point for lines of longitude is the Prime Meridian
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