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Education Exam 2011 PART ONEHistory Module 1 Digital Child y Technologies online cultures computer efficiency y Not used as extensively as they could be in teaching y Perception of a child Harry Hendrick is that children are growing up digital y A contextual application of this would be to incorporate more technology into the curriculum such as spelling computer games in grade students will then use engaging technologies to further their understanding 2 TylerismRalph Tyler1940y According to Tyler it is a place where you learn exactly what you need to survive in society subject matter was based on what you need to get a job y Simple and clear way of thing common sense education y What most people think education is y Teacher is the center of the classroom y An educative experience involves o The nature of the learner developmental factors learner interests and needs o The values and aims of society democratizing principles values and attitudes o Knowledge of subject matter what is believed to be worthy and usable knowledge y Students are empty and teachers put information in y A contextual application of Tylerism would simply be teaching because students expecting them to start off empty and me as a teacher would be teaching them all that they know and making sure the teacher is the center of the class3 Neoliberalismwhere education is goinglinked to globalization y Social programs cut state authority cut y Individualism because we want an individualist society y Market and economy rule everything free market is placed at the center of everything y Privatizationy Education will eventually get turned over to the highest bidder marketing and advertising will be in schools and textbooks more competition between schools y When education looks the same no matter where you are in the world y Left structural right individualism and neoliberalism o A contextual application of this would be in the future is neoliberalism takes over education then each school being owned by a specific company ex Teacher teaches using apple products and only teachers so that their school gets more funding4 History of EducationPolitics of Education y Social and powerconflictpolitics y Social cant exist without socialpeople y If we define the social as being more than one person and politics as social and power then education is political history of competing ideas between influential figures y No one method type pedagogy education is nominalism
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