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Vera Woloshyn

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EDUC 3P45 Exam prep Reading Fluency – Lecture 7 What is reading fluency? - Reading fluency is assessing reading beyond comprehension. - Reading fluency is assessing the students reading rate - Reading fluency is assessing the student oral reading rates and prosody How do you record reading fluency? - Reading Running Record o You can record reading fluency through a reading running record, which involves an examination of accuracy, decoding, reading rate, and comprehension. Why do we have poorer readers? - Poorer readers make fewer self corrections, over rely on graphonemic cues, and make meaningless substitutions while reading. What does Fluency mean? - Being fluent means that you can read text quickly and accurately with proper expression What does ‘Surface Fluency’ mean? - Phonological decoding - Sight word recognition - Predict from context - Predict from grammatical structure What is ‘Strategic Fluency’? - Strategic fluency is the students comprehension and expression What is ‘Deep Fluency’? - Deep fluency involves all of the previous skills - It is a reflection for the purpose of the reading - It involves self regulation How can you calculate Oral Reading rates? - To calculate oral reading rates you should have the student read 250 words from an unfamiliar passage that is at their grade level and have them read aloud for 1 minute. During this time you should be recording the reading errors that occur. These reading errors could be mispronunciations, substitutions, reversals etc. - After they student has read for one minute, take the recorded reading errors and subtract the total number of errors from the total number of words read This will give you the students Word Count Per Minute (WCPM). - You will then take this score and compare it against t
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