EDUC 4P04 Study Guide - Mind Map, Observer-Expectancy Effect, Formative Assessment

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Monitor: ongoing observation and documentation to assess children"s strengths, needs, and interests (assessment part of monitoring process) Based on children demonstrating their understanding by doing, showing, representing, telling. Not focus on what the child can"t do or doesn"t know. Evaluation: process of making judgments and forming decisions based on the evidence. Judgment and interpretation of monitoring information to determine the child"s progress in achieving the overall essential outcomes. Young children need ample time to demonstrate their achievement. Variety of learning opportunities that are dap and within their range of zpd. Considers variety of factors (time of day, situation, type of question asked, previous experience, language of instruction) Reporting: process of communicating to parents based on monitoring and evaluations. Summative: final assessment of what child has learned (end of unit) Used at end of time period to determine if child has met certain objectives and to confirm mastery of information or skills.

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