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Chapter 4 Governance and finance Successes and FailuresMost media reports only report failures even though there are many successes Example Philippines raised clean water supplies from 26 to 92 Significant changes are happening in the balance of influence and wealth around the worldCorruption because of poor governance and institutional corruption have added to the woes of the public is a major problemRecession in United States affected many people in developing countries especially concerning waterChapter 7 Dams and diversions Dams are the most fundamental tools of water engineering Create resources by storing water in periods of good supplyconverting flood hazard into useable resrouce 3 Total water stores in reservoir is around 7000km More than 45000 dams 1600 in progress in over 150 countries 23 of all dams under construction 2003 were in China Turkey Japan and Iran Dams are controversial destroy as well as createSerious impacts on rivers and wildlife downstreamwithholding sedimentnutrients from riversblocking migratory fish deoxygenating the water Although floods do some good people and animals in certain areas of the world depend on floodsSome dams are conjunctive which means that they operate in conjunction with groundwater suppliesHydropowerAbout 20 of worlds electricity is currently hydropowered Amounts to 5 of all energy use Expanding hydropower could reduce global warmingConsumes very little water and returns water directly to the riverMain losses are due to evaporationConsumptive losses are much higher in coal fired and nuclear plantsRunofriver applied to nonstorage or nonimpoundment schemesDerive the momentum from the natural or artificially enhanced gradient the river water flows downPump StorageForm of hydropowerDescribed as a water power battery designed to store energy generated from other electrical sourcesUtilizes surplus energy3 Gorges DameYangtze RiverLargest dam in the worldPlays a vital role in the economic development in China
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