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Brock University
Elizabeth Vlossak

What are the central features of Nazism that distinguish it from earlier forms of German imperialismWilhelms Empire 18901918 Politics March 1888 Wilhelm I dies his successor Frederick dies in June 1888 Wilhelm II becomes Emperor of Prussia Bismarck forced to resign in 1890AntiSocialist Laws End SPD becomes the largest workingclass party in EuropeReform of tariff billCommercial treaties make Germany the leading industrial nation in Europe by 1900New Industries Steel chemicals electrical engineering and shipping Second Industrial Revolution 18731914pace of industrialization quickenstechnical revolution practical application of scienceiron replaced by steelsteamcoal replaced by electricitychemicals New Inventions telephone typewriter Kodak camera gramophone radio broadcasts German InnovationGermans in the vanguard of electrical chemical and mechanical industriesproduction of new commodities such as dyes fertilizers and fuel Daimler and Benz perfect the internal combustion enginedevelopment of the automobile Germans develop the diesel engine used in shipsBayeraspirinKruppdevelopment of nickel steelSiemenselectric light bulbs trains telegraph Results ConsequencesPopulation Explosion 45 million to 64 million in 30yearsAccelerated Urbanization Berlins population from 1866 to 1914 was 500000 to 2 million Political Impact Changes for WomenIncreasing access to secondary and university educationMore professions open to womenThe New Woman and the citylifestyle and clothing reform movementsLeisure and mass consumption1890sthe flowering of European feminismLeague of German Womens Associations founded in 18941908German women no longer banned from meeting to discuss politicsDemands of the Feminist MovementLegal and educational reformsState subsidies for mothersProtective labour legislations andor the right to workMaternity insurance and leaveAllfemale trade unions for working womenCombat the spread of VD promote family planningPromote new sexual ethicfight legalized prostitution
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