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Week 15 Tobacco use

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Health Sciences
Madeline Law

Week 15: Tobacco use: A global health issue Why should we be concerned about tobacco use? Here are 7 reasons…. 1. Globally, tobacco use kills 6 million people. Year i. Greater Toronto area (5.1) + Ottawa/ Gatineau (.93) ii. Over 1/6 of Canada’s entire population (34.9) • 1 person dies every 6 seconds due to tobacco • Tobacco accounts for 1 in 10, adult deaths • ½ current users will die of tobacco-related disease 2. By 2030, tobacco will kill 8 million people/year; mostly from low- and middle-income countries a. 1 billion smokers worldwide nearly 80% of them live in low- and middle- income countries b. Burden of tobacco-related illness and death is heaviest in low- and middle-income countries c. Smokers’ premature deaths deprive families of income, raise the cost of health cost, hinder economic development 3. Until 1980s, U.S supplied tobacco a. Now 85% of tobacco comes from the global south where tobacco child labour and Green Tobacco sickness and major problems i. Kenya ii. Malawi iii.Mozambique iv. Tanzania v. Uganda vi. Zambia vii. Indonesia viii. Philippines ix. Nicaragua Week 15: Tobacco use: A global health issue x. Mexico 4. Cigarette manufacturing uses up to 6 kilometres of paper an hour to roll and package cigarettes 5. The global share of agricultural land devoted to tobacco is <1%, but tobacco agriculture accounts for 2-4% of global deforestation a. About 3kg of wood to flue cure 1kg of tobacco b. Tobacco growing accounted for 26% of all deforestation in Malawi, 1990-1995 c. Tobacco growing accounts for 3.5% of annual deforestation in some areas of Tanzania i. So, trees cut down for paper, all cut down to grow the actual tobacco and also the fire that is used in the in the drying process is a lot over the count of 7 days 6. Large amounts of pesticides must be used to grow tobacco; many global south workers apply these extremely poisonous pesticides with no protection a. Imidacloprid: blocks the central nervous system of insects highly toxic to birds, fish, bees b. 1,3 – dichloropropene: highly toxic soil fumigant causes respiratory problems, skin/eyes irritation, kidney damage used in U.S. c. Methyl bromide: ozone – depleting soil fumigant now being phased out These pesticides kill bees, birds and make mosquitoes stronger 7. Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world: 4.5 trillion butts are discarded each year, killing millions of birds, fish and animals Tobacco: An individual Health Issue What are the personal health effects? • All forms of tobacco contain nicotine, tar, countless chemical additives (and often reconstituted tobacco) • In cigarettes: carbon monoxide • Also in: car exhaust • When you smoke cig Week 15: Tobacco use: A global health issue • Cigarettes: Carbon monoxide • Also in cars: • Ammonia • Window cleaner • Cadmium and lead • Batteries • Arsenic • Rat poison • Butane • Lighter fluid • Hydrogen cyanide • Chemical weapons • Toluene • Paint thinners • Arsenic • Weed killer • Chromium • steel • Polonium-210 • Radioactive material • Nicotine is a highly-addictive, psychoactive drug that affects the CNS and acts as a stimulant o Smoking is quickest way for nicotine to reach brain; chewing delieves more nicotine • Carbon monoxide is deadly, odourless gas that competes with oxygen o CO levels in some are 800X safe limits • Tar, not nicotine, causes cancer Tobacco and Its health Effects • There is no such thing as a “safer” cigarette o Contraband = brand names o Light, mild, silver slim = regular • Hammond, Fong,
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