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CHSC F95 Lecture # 3: Muscular Tissue: - Different types of muscle - Skeletal muscle has a unique internal structure - Contraction is regulated by nerves - Contraction is facilitated by interactions of Myofilaments - Internal/ gross structure of muscle allows for different kinds of movement - Muscle = voluntary (striated skeletal) and involuntary (striated, cardiac and smooth muscle) - Skeletal muscle structure: Structure Connective tissue layer Muscle cell/fibre Endo mysium Muscle fasicide (bundle of cells) Perimysium Skeletal muscle (whole muscle) Epimysium - Sarcolema: inner membrane of the cell - Satellite cells: produce endomysium - Blood vessels: run between fasicides (provide them with nutrients, food, and get rid of wastes. They travel though connective tissues, each cell reduces blood...etc. Structure/organelle Function Fibre: myofribral (largest level) Myofilaments Muscle cell contraction (muscle cells get make up myofribrials shorter) Scarcolemma (outer membrane) (t-tubule) Neural contraction of contraction Sarcoplasmic reticulum (above = same as here) - Thick/thin Myofilaments that make up myofribrial - 3 parts = triad - Signal that causes action potential travels along t-tubules - Sarcomere: fundamental contractile unit of a skeletal muscle cell/fibre - Organized, regitered of Myofilaments (action, myosin, titin) - Myofilaments interact with one another from signal (sliding contraction) causes muscle to shorten - Myosin Myofilaments do not move only actin Myofilaments - Titin: connected to Z line (end of myosin Myofilaments) - Keeps Z/M
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