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Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

Lecture 13 IdentityIdentity construction o Relationship to culture o Significant influences family media and peer groupo Grand Narrative tells what culture sb like therefore tells what individuals sb like Taken for granted o Culture and identity natural o Do not question either2 kinds of identity o Ascribed and avowed outsideinside eticemicStereotype o Categories to make sense of the world o Become reified ie ascribed identity o Become prejudice Lecture 14 Identity Other o Different and unknown threateningPresence of other o Shapesdefines ingroupoutgroup o Menot me us not usIdentity a relatively stable understanding of self in respect to culture o Identity limited by available cultural choicesGroup formation boundaries not negative but can cause negative effects o Ethnocentrism stereotyping prejudice etcRace and ethnicityo Constructs based on external factors physical characteristics race history and location ethnicity o Differencepower o Because theyre learned we can interrogate them Lecture 15 Language and MeaningLanguage capacity is biological language is notSymbol stands in for an object not the object itselfLanguage and symbol arbitrary and conventional ie agreed to have the meaning no natural connection to the objectAll languages use meaningful complexes of sounds to generate understandingo Phonememorphemewordsyntax
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