LING 1F94 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: International Phonetic Association, Murmured Voice, Vocal Tract

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17 Feb 2017

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Segments are basic individual speech sounds, can be described by their articulatory properties. The syllable is a linguistic/phonological category, structurally organizes segments in words. His spoonerisms show that speech can be segmented into individual sounds. Spoonerisms were speech errors in the initial sounds of a word. Speech errors occur on nouns and verbs. We don"t see speech errors is closed class words because the more frequent a word is, the less chance there is to make a mistake, also tend to not be inflected. No, because it is an ambiguous (more than one meaning) system of representation. A single letter may represent different sounds: ex: psycho is not pronounced like its spelling. A combination of letters may represent a single sound: ex: ch, sh, th. Some letters have no sound at all in certain words: pterodactyl. It is not instinctual, made up by humans. Consonants: voiced/voiceless, place of articulation, manner of articulation.

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