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LING 1P92- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 89 pages long!)

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Lynn Dempsey

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[LING 1P92] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at What is Language? Communicative • Direct it at someone • Purposeful behavior • Intentional • Allows us to exchange information & ideas • Displacement- higher level language function that only humans use Arbitrary • No resemblance between a word ( symbol) and its referent (what the word stands for) • Allows us to be more descriptive- allowing us to describe one object using multiple words • Can be confusing e.g -> bedroom vs. mushroom Structured • Pattern based on rules. • Rules determine sounds to make words, words unto sentences, and sentences into discourse. e.g -> Grammar, spelling, • Putting words in the right order Multilayered • Speech sounds • Words • Phrases • Sentences • Paragraphs • Language can always be broken down e.g -> A is a letter, but can be broken down to a sound Productive • Limited set of sounds can create unlimited set of words • Small set of words can be used to generate a limitless number of sentences • e.g-> The man killed the lion/ or the Evolutionary Language is always changing • • Changing more rapidly now due to pop culture, advertising technology, and science generating new words. • As we generated industries, new technologies, new activities new words are being introduced daily • e.g to help understand -> the cross breeding of dogs, coming up with names for new breeds is more prominent than years back • Borrowing words from other cultures • Combining words Multimodal • Oral • Not just oral, but can be in other forms such as sign language etc. Your ideas, your thoughts =SYMBOL Written, spoken, gestures REPAIR- automatically repeat but in the proper form What are the characteristics of language find more resources at
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