[LABR 3P91] - Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (39 pages long!)

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Labr 3p91 seminar 1 introduction to theory. Print or bring it to seminar on a device larger than a phone and be prepared to discuss specifics and related issues further. Ensure you take notes and add to this document in seminar the content covered in seminars is important. Remember that correct answers and helpful contributions may and will likely come from your peers in seminars and not only from the ta or professor. Opinion is increasingly seen as a synonym for belief. Opinions may or may not be rooted in evidence or fact(s). For example, i think about a quarter of people on welfare are committing fraud. this is an opinion. The opinion may also not be rooted in any kind of observation, but rather stem from popular culture depictions, stories on social media, the claims of others, etc. The statement and thus the opinion is incorrect welfare fraud in ontario is under 0. 5%.