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Replication (can it be done a second time?) Coming together because of interest in topic. Work is studies in other discipline (ex/ business) but labour studies is a north american phenomenon. Connection in usa with labour studies and union. Sometimes unions finance programs or just work extremely closely. Canada has an autonomous relation with unions. It (cid:449)as fro(cid:373) this culture that pushed for (cid:373)ore (cid:449)orki(cid:374)g people"s perspecti(cid:448)es a(cid:374)d experiences in universities. Different emphasis of theory depending on where you come from (ex/ feminist) Which theoretical approach is most useful (feminist approach, economic approach, historical approach, etc. ) Can use theory to guild or dictate. Theory and methods can make connections between unlikely groups. Labr 3p91 seminar 1 introduction to theory. Print or bring it to seminar on a device larger than a phone and be prepared to discuss specifics and related issues further. Ensure you take notes and add to this document in seminar the content covered in seminars is important.

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