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[LING 1P92] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 32 pages long Study Guide!

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Lynn Dempsey

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[LING 1P92] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Pg3 -It’s comm (sounds, bees dance, etc), but is it lang? FEATURES OF LANG Language is: Communicative: transfer info bw people, directed at others, influential, *intentional* (it may not be bird’s deliberate intent to pass on info, whereas people mean to say things), talk about things that are displaced in time and space (past, present, future, ideas—things that don’t exist) Arbitrary: No resemblance bw word (the symbol) and its referent (thing it stands for) ex: the word “dog” doesn’t look like dog—just accept words bc of socialization; also allows us to talk about abstract things like love, peace, justice, etc (because those words don’t look like what they mean) -Plato believed name of object is part of its essential being *didn’t believe words are arbitrary Structured: Lang has pattern based on rules which determine how sounds can be combined into words, words into sentences, sentences into discourse; human lang is structured/rule governed Multilayered (Hierarchal Structure in book): All messages divisible into smaller units of analysis (paras into sent, sent into phrase, phrase into words, words into sound) Productive: Limited set of sounds can create unlimited set of words, make limitless number of sentences; sometimes sentences have never been said before, can constantly add to language *Muggle was a word added to Oxford English Dictionary in 2010 Evolutionary: constantly changing and evolving (disuse—drops word), add words [ex because of pop culture, technology—Google it, tweet something, function—something happening, need word for it, contact with other language (called loan words)] Multimodal: Oral (through speech), manually (ASL-has 7 functions of language too), Washoe: Could sign after training, could sign two words (ex—more water, Washoe sorry, etc)— learned human language Nim Chimpsky: Named after Noam Chomsky, “Play Me, more eat, etc” W and N had vocab of 100-200 signs, correctly name some objects, coined new words (ex for swan, they signed water and bird), produced sentences of 10-15 signs Koko: (watch seminar vid) Components of Language: find more resources at
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