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Chapter 16-20  The Baroque era (1600–1750)  The most important new genre of the Baroque era was opera, a large- scale music drama that combines poetry, acting, scenery, and costumes with singing and instrumental music  In the Baroque era, instruments were improved and featured in several large-scale genres, including the suite (a collection of dances)  Two types of concertos were popular during the Baroque: the solo concerto, with one instrument set against the orchestra; and the concerto grosso, with a small group of soloists and orchestra  Baroque instrumental music was often set in forms built on a repeating bass line (ground bass The Oratorio  Oratorio multi-movement dramatization of passage from Bible  Started in 17th-century Italy in oratorio (place of prayer)  By mid 17th century lost its staging  What remained was a musical genre with soloists, chorus, continuo and orchestra  Contained recitatives, arias, duets, trios and choruses George Frideric Handel (1685-1759 Halle, Germany)  Studied and composed in Italy  Style: Strong rhythmic drive, diatonicism rather than chromaticism, flowing melodies, use of chords/tones colour, sense of drama  Handel's best-known orchestral suites are Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks.  Handel’s Messiah Part 1 – Christmas  French overture: ABA  Grave: slow, solemn, dotted rhythms  Allegro: fugal o Recitativ
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