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Chapter 11  Most cultures have scared music, for religious functions, and secular music, for nonreligious activates o Genre: categories of repertoire (secular music: outside religious context) o Form: internal structure of a work o Medium is the specific group (e.g. orchestra, chorus) that performs a piece o Titles: indicate genre and key (opus number: cataloguing system) o Aesthetic judgment varies from culture to culture o Oral transmission: preservation of music without written notation o Western art music “classical” notated o Symphony is both a genre and a medium!  Style: creator’s personal manner of expression o Individualized treatment of elements of music o Western music: melody-oriented with underlying harmonies o Music of other cultures: different musical system  Musical Styles in History o Historical period: distinct stylistic characteristics  Medieval/Middle Ages (400-1450):  Gregorian chant (600-850) – Plain song, monophonic, nonmetric, Latin text; several church modes  Gothic (1150-1450) rise to massive cathedrals; musical notation is developed; early polyphony is called organum; use of tenor, rhythmic modes, polytextral motet  Renaissance (1450–1600)  Baroque (1600–1750)  Classical (1750–1825)  Romantic (1820–1900)  Post-Romantic and Impressionist (1890–1915)  20th century and beyond (1900–present) Chapter 12 Scared Music of the Middle Ages  Medieval (Middle Ages) o The music of the early Christian church, called Gregorian chant o Monophonic, nonmetric melodies set in one of the church modes, or scales. o Text setting: syllabic, neumatic, melismatic o Mass, a daily service with two categories of prayers: the Proper (texts that vary according to the day) and the Ordinary (texts that remain the same for every Mass). o Some chants a
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