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PHIL 1F90 Midterm Revision 2013
PHIL 1F90 Midterm Revision 2013

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Brock University
Richard Brown

PHIL 1F90 These are the four questions on the Progress exam 2013. Remember that one of the four will be compulsory and you will need to answer two questions in total. Each question will be worth 50%. You can use diagrams as long as you can explain them. 1) Give a detailed account of Socrates’ Theory of Recollection argument, for the immortality of the soul which he bases on the theory that learning is just recollection of the Form. Make certain that you give a detailed account of the relationship that Plato thinks came between the Form of Absolute Equality and some equal ___ or equal ___. Do you think that the argument would work just as well for the Form of Absolute Beauty and a couple of beautiful particulars? Explain. a. To answer the question you must answer with absolute equality. b. c. On a scale of 1-10, 9.5 difficulty level 2) Give a detailed account of Socrates’ Kinship argument. Then give a detailed account of Cebes’ Weaver’s Cloak argument. Make certain that you explain clearly how Socrates Kinship argument to be _____ __ ____. Which argument, Socrates’ kinship argument or Cebes weavers cloak argument do you think is the convincing argument? Why? a. Forms are constant -> ex. How do you know? Explain. Use as skeleton. b. Forms are invisible c. Soul is invisible, just like forms d. Therefore, soul is constant just like forms i. Particulars are changeable ii. Particulars are visible iii. Body is visible, just like particulars iv. Therefore, body is changeable just like particulars e. If you have two objects, and one of them is visible and the other is invisible, then the invisible object is more durable. f. Soul -> Body g. Weaver -> Cloaks h. (20)c -> (30)(c) -> 40(c) i. 40(c) -> 42 j. On a scale of 1-10, 6&6 difficulty level. 3) Give a detailed account of Simmias’s attunement argument against the immortality of the soul. Then give a detailed account of all three of Socrates’ arguments against Simmias. Which if any of Socrates three arguments do you think best refutes Simmias and why do you think so? a. Body is the cause of the soul b. ------------- c. Body: Musical, Instrument, lyre d. Soul: Attunement, Harmony e. The soul cannot exist separately from the body, nor can it pre-exist the body.
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