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Class IDTurnitin: 5770459(nature1) Exam: December 17 9-12 exam Ian Beddis Midterm Exam Part A  Short answers. Define and/or explain any NINE of the following Sixteen terms(16) (you may use example where appropriate). Each answer is worth 5 marks for total of 45 marks for this section. Some definition correlates to essay question Definition/short answer: 1. Epistemology 2. The principal of utility(explain the principal, done in class) 3. Reductio ad Absurdum 4. Affirming the Consequent 5. Soundness(as applied to arguments) 6. Immortality(problems with) requires more details, little harder than above once 7. The Categorical Imperative 8. Equality and the stick argument 9. The Soma-Sema(covered in Phaedo) 10. Denying the antecedent 11. *The Guide Analogy(Meno) requires long explanation 12. *Phronesis 13. Eudaimonia 14. *Enumerative Inductive Argument 15. *The Forms(Plato)(Long answer required, can use it for essa
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